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GermanAutoBASH will be using a panel of roughly 4-5 judges to score all show cars. Scoring for all show cars will be based on rating scale of 1-10 for each of the 5 following categories. This score will then be multiplied by the category's percentage weight and then added together to get the car's overall score. The car's overall score from each of the judges will then be totalled together and averaged to get the car's final overall score. This score will then be used to determine if the car won its class and ultimately who wins Best in Show. Scoring will be based on the follwing 5 categories

  • Originality (10%)
    • Points awarded for cars that demonstrate a theme or style.
    • Parts that appear "just on the car" will lower the car's score.
    • How well do the parts flow together? Are they more than just standard modifications?
    • Make your car seem like more than just a modified car!
    • Maximum of 100 points possible.

  • Level of Modification (20%)
    • Points awarded for higher level of modification.
    • Exterior, interior, engine modifications are all taken into account for the score. The more modifications, the higher the score.
    • Major exterior and engine upgrades will get the most points!
    • Maximum of 200 points possible.

  • Exterior Cleanliness (35%)
    • Points are awarded for overall exterior cleanlinees.
    • Clean paint, undamaged exterior panels will score highest.
    • All exterior blemishes will detract from the car's score.
    • The car must look clean from all angles! The Judges will see this!
    • Dirty cars will score lowest. Remember this when you are preparing your car for the show.
    • Maximum of 350 points possible.

  • Interior Cleanliness (35%)
    • Points are awarded for overall interior cleanlinees.
    • Carpet vacuumed, clean glass, clean seats.
    • Themed or styled interiors will score highest.
    • Cheap-looking modifications will detract from score.
    • Quality of modifications is the name of the game!
    • Maximum of 350 points possible.

  • Extra Credit (+10%)
    • Extra credit points available to all show cars. Scores here do not negatively affect overall scores.
    • Displays for cars with documentation are a big bonus!
    • Creative and Immaginative displays will be rewarded.
    • Was your car featured in a magazine? SHOW US!
    • Stand out from the rest of the cars - Be creative!
    • Maximum of 100 bonus points possible.

It is possible for a car's score to exceed 1000 points with extra credit included.
Use these free points to your advantage to win your class!


If you have any questions, comments, or any kind of feedback in regards to the show, feel free to send us an email over at our contact us page. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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