GermanAutoBASH 5 - Show Information

GermanAutoBASH Car Show Information

A full informational breakdown of every aspect regarding the car show. From general info to scoring, this page has everything you need to know about how to prepare your car for the show!

LowestLimbo Competition

** NEW FOR 2012 ** GermanAutoBASH will be putting those with those "slammed" cars to the test to find out who's really the lowest! No crazy rules - Lowest Wins!

GermanAutoBASH 3rd Annual Charity & 50/50 Raffle

Information on who has donated raffle items to GermanAutoBASH, information about the raffles, and most impoartantly, whom the raffle will benefit can be found here! Make sure to check it out!

People's Choice Voting

Again for 2012, GermanAutoBASH will be teaming up with OE Mobile Audio to provide a new-age technological service to allow you, the spectators to vote for your people's choice car at the show!


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